What areas do you work in?

All metropolitan areas of Adelaide. Outer metro such as Gawler and Noarlunga, we’d have to have a chat about coming to a workplace perhaps or meeting at a more central location and we can take your bike and have it back to you the next day.

Do you need to clean my bike at my home or work?

Nope! We can pick your bike up and return the next day (depending on work that needs to be done).

What if myself and a few mates want our bikes worked on at our work?

No problem! We love to do a few bikes at once and if you have a suitable area such as private carpark with access to sewer and water, we’re all good! Of course if you or your friends need work done that will require extended periods of time, we’ll have to have a chat and maybe take the bike overnight or work on fewer bikes that day. We don’t mind coming back!

Do you offer group discounts for multiple bikes?

Sure do! Refer to our pricing schedule for details. We love to hear from companies and/or departments with a focus on cycling culture in your workplace.

What if I’ve bought components off the internet?

No worries, we are happy to fit any component you’ve purchased online. So long as you’re aware we can’t honoUr any warranty claims for those products not purchased from us. If we sell and fit products to your bike, we can offer the benefit of a full warranty as offered by the manufacturer.

What if my bike is extra-special dirty?

Well, we love dirty bikes! However, some bikes can be particularly neglected over time and build up stubborn, hard grease and grime that will take much longer to remove than usual. Our pricing is based on our transport, equipment and labour costs, if it looks like your bike will take far longer to glam up than most others, we may have to discuss an extra charge for our time. This situation is unlikely though, we like to keep our pricing as consistent and fair as possible.

Will it ever cost more than you quote?

Generally not. However, if when we de-grease and clean your bike we find particularly worn or broken components than need replacement, we’ll let you know as soon as possible. We can then chat about providing replacement products or if you prefer, you purchasing and we’ll carry on when you’re ready.

How much stock of tyres and parts do you hold?

We generally keep stock of the more commonplace products such as:

  • Schwalbe 700c road tyres, mostly 23 & 25mm width
  • Schwalbe inner tubes, both long & short valve
  • Tubeless tyre sealant, tubeless rim tape & valves
  • Rim tape
  • Large quantity of black, white & grey brake & gear housing
  • Large quantity of derailleur & brake cables & ends
  • Large selection of various colours of handlebar tape, black, white, red, blue, cork & a few select colours like fluoro green & yellow
  • Road bicycle rim brake pads, in Shimano, Sram & Campagnolo compatibility, Including brand & aftermarket pads.
  • Squirt biodegradable lubricants and embrocation such as chamois cream

We have a great partnership with Australia’s exclusive distributor of Schwalbe tyres and products, Squirt lubricants and Exposure Lights. All of those product lines are available through Ride and Shine and if not already in stock, can generally be sourced overnight.

What about your parts costs?

We have relatively low overheads so we can offer very competitive prices on parts we stock and supply.

What warranty do you offer for your service?

If you’re not happy, then neither are we. We believe that if you don’t think our service is worth what we charge then we don’t feel right being paid for it. Of course, we cannot accept any liability for defective products you chose to buy online but, we do offer the full manufacturer’s warranty for any product we supply.

Can you remove rust or cover-up paint chips?

Unfortunately no, we are not a restoration service. We are besotted with making your bike look great but can only work with the “canvas” we are presented with. We have some great little “tricks” we use to remove marks you thought were impossible to get rid of!

Are you insured?

You bet! We carry $20 million public liability cover.

Can you come to events?

Sure thing, we’d love to! If you are having a ride day, OR if you are a member of a cycle club such as cyclocross or MTB and you think your mates, colleagues or, fellow competitors might be keen on having us there, let us know! Nothing like having your grubby pride and joy looking the goods for the trip home!

What about kids’ bikes?

Yep! Although it’s usually best to go for the “family works” when taking care of the little one’s machines. Check out our pricing schedule for details.

Where are you?

We are located in Adelaide’s eastern suburbs and generally service that region the most but happy to travel. We are located about 10min from the centre of Adelaide, close to popular accommodation and about 30min from Glenelg (the beach!).